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"The Chiropractic lifestyle has always been a part of my life. While growing up, it was a common practice for me or one of my siblings to visit our chiropractor when we had a fever or became ill. You could pretty much count on the single chiropractic visit to break that fever that resulted in the visit. It was just a part of my life and yes as a child I’d have to say I questioned it.

I remember asking my father at a young age why both medical doctor and chiropractors could both make us well with such different approaches. The medical doctor usually sent me home with a prescription that was suppose to fix me in a few days while the chiropractor usually make me well during the visit. The answer my father gave me was that the chiropractor targeted the problem at the source while the medical doctor targeted the symptoms. As I grew into a parent, I continued to believe in this lifestyle and have passed it onto my children.

All of my children received their first chiropractic checkup as very young babies. In fact one of them actually received her first checkup on the way home from the hospital only about a day after birth. This may seem extreme, but the more I learned and understood about chiropractic care, the more important it was to me that any problem could be corrected early. The chiropractic lifestyle has taught me many things over the years. I have learned that some of the everyday ailments like headaches aren’t normal and can be prevented when the source of the problem is corrected. I have learned ear infections are not just a part of growing up and that they can be relieved and prevented with chiropractic care. I have learned that there are many symptoms and signals that the body can give us to tell us that our body needs correction. Our job is to pay attention to these signals and to consult with our chiropractor about them. If we don’t bring these signals up, they can’t be addressed."

- Bruce

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"Chiropractic changed the way I felt about my pregnancy! During my first pregnancy I did not see a chiropractor until 2 months after I delivered my son. My back and hips were still hurting so much that it felt like I was still 9 months pregnant! When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I had already established a great relationship with my chiropractor. I received regular adjustments which relieved most, if not all, of my back and hip pain. The constant heart burn and acid reflux I had experienced before was much more tolerable because I was adjusted and I was able to sleep longer and better at night. I enjoyed my second pregnancy more because I felt great! I am now having a third baby and will certainly be continuing with chiropractic through this time and beyond."

- Courtney